Kamikoto 7 Inch Santoku Knife

The Kamikoto 7 inch Santoku Knife is a traditional Japanese cooking knife that offers good design, good durability and decent weight-distribution.

As a Japanese knife, the Santoku was specifically designed to prepare Japanese cuisine, but it’s durable blade can also be used for any recipe that involves thin slices of meat, fish and vegetables. So if you’re interested in this item then here’s what you need to know.

Kamikoto 7 inch santoku knife features :

The Kamikoto 7 inch Santoku knife is a traditional Japanese knife made from Honshu Japanese steel and forged using traditional Japanese knife-forging techniques (with a little help from modern technology). In terms of durability, the Santoku knife is highly resistant to corrosion. It can withstand moisture, hard surfaces and even frequent use.

Like many Japanese knives, the Santoku was also meant to be used to prepare sushi and sashimi. However, you can also use it to prepare other types of meat as well as vegetables and other types of seafood.

The Santoku’s best feature, though, is its comfortable design. Despite its large size, it offers good weight distribution, which can be quite useful if you’re preparing sashimi or more exotic Japanese cuisines. The Santoku’s grip is also well-designed, and fits well on most types of hands.

The only downside is that the blade was specifically designed for right handed users. This may not sound like a big deal, but you have to remember that most knives are double bladed, which basically means that both their right and left sides are sharpened. In contrast, only the right side of the Santoku is sharpened during the manufacturing process.

This design is not an accident. Like many Japanese knives, the Santoku was designed specifically for chopping and thin-cutting meat and vegetables. Take sushi for example. Preparing them using regular knives can be a little difficult, because they require cooking techniques that require thin, precise cuts.

With Japanese knives, however, the process becomes a lot easier. So if you’ve never used Japanese knives before then don’t use Santoku immediately. Practice with it a few times before you use it to prepare your food.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the Santoku comes with a durable ash wood box for storage and safekeeping. It’s possible to keep the Santoku knife in your knife block or cabinet, but due to its size and design, it may not be able to fit.

The Kamikoto 7 inch Santoku knife Pros and Cons


– Excellent for making thin slices of meat and vegetables.
– Excellent for Japanese and Asian cuisines.
– Durable.
– Easy to use.
– Good weight distribution.


– People who are used to traditional Western knives may find the Santoku a little difficult to use.
– May not fit inside a traditional knife block.
– Not suitable for left-handed people.


The Kamikoto 7 inch Santoku knife is a traditional Japanese knife. It’s durable, comfortable and easy to use. In short, it’s a great tool for preparing Japanese food and making thin slice.

However, if you’ve never used Japanese knives before then you should take the time to get used to the knife’s design. Although the Santoku is sharp and durable, you can only effectively use it if you know traditional Japanese cutting and slicing techniques. That one particular issue aside, the Santoku is a great Japanese knife with great features.