japanese sushi knives reviews

Top 4 Japanese Sushi Knives Reviews

Regardless of what type of food you want to prepare, Japanese sushi knives can really be helpful. These traditional knives are not only multifunctional but can also let you slice fish, make sushi or just add another awesome tool to your kitchen. Since there are a variety of sushi knives to choose from, selecting the best one can be a tough decision to make. Here are the top 4 Japanese Sushi Knives Reviews

· Royal 13-2-4MM 13-Inch Full Tang Blade Kitchen Knife, 420 Japanese Stainless Steel

This is one of the best Japanese Sushi Knives that has the ability to take care of all your kitchen chores including dicing, chopping, mincing, and slicing vegetables, meat, and fruits. It was crafted in such away that it’s easy to maintain, sharp, and rust resistant. It also features a handle made of pakkawood, a full tang, and has a money back guarantee.

· Yoshihiro Yanagi Sashimi Chef Knife

This knife is among the best because it’s made from top quality materials. Apart from that, it has a lifetime warranty. Although its blade is not very sharp it can always be sharpened. Its blade is made from Shiroko White Steel High Carbon Steel which gives it its sharp quality. Overall, it’s still a high-quality knife that can be used perfectly well by both professional and amateur sushi chef.

· Shun Pro 9 and half-Inch Yanagiba Knife

This knife is 91/2 inches long and is a single edge blade knife making it ideal for cutting slices of fish or soft meat that are extremely thin. As compared to similar knives, its VG-10 super steel takes and holds a sharp edge much better. Its wide blade level can be sharpened well using a whetstone. Its handle is made of pakkawood and takes a D shape thereby offering a firm, comfortable grip. It also comes with a lifetime warranty.

· Yoshihiro Shiroko Handle Sushi Chef’s Knife

The Yoshihiro Shiroko is among the best quality Sushi knives that you can have your cutlery. What makes it awesome is that it has a high carbon tin blade that allows for very thin cuts. They are also durable especially when taken good care of. Although it can rust easily, if you wash it and dry it quickly, you won’t have to worry about this. It’s a knife that you can use to slice your sushi easily without having to apply much control. More so, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Well, next time you are thinking about preparing sashimi these top 4 knives could be really helpful. They are not only ideal for slicing but also versatile enough for your daily use.