how to choose a sushi knife

If you want to learn how to choose a sushi knife keep reading.

If you have a sushi knife set, and have already found out that it doesn’t meet your standards as evidenced by the outcome of your puffer fish or tuna, then you’re about to see why.

1. High carbon steel

This is what composes a high-quality sushi knife. Dating back in the 16th century, this kind of steel was used in making military and samurai swords. After the wars ended, sword smiths concentrated instead on cutlery production so as not to waste their skill. Knives made from high carbon steel are held in high esteem, the traditional handle usually being round wood and tapered towards the blade. They are also mostly sharpened on one side so as to provide a cleaner cut.

2. Specific knife for a specific job

Are you sure that knife you got for the puffer fish or tuna is the one designed to handle such? There are different kinds of sushi knives and each has its own specialty. For example, the “fugu hiki” is exactly designed for the puffer fish and for bigger fish such as tuna, it is best to use knives with large blades. The sashimi knife on the other hand, is the most often used all-purpose knife. Being aware of the differences will help give you a better “cutting experience”.

3. Price range selection

Then again, it may be that you don’t have a quality sushi knife set because you settled for low-end bargains. The cheapest come at around $25 and go all the way up to over $1,000. Obviously, the cheap ones have a tendency not to hold their edge and are not as sharp as expected. To avoid confusing your brain on the price issue, choose a price point where you are most comfortable and buy the best within that range.

4. Sharpening stone

Never use a mechanical sharpener as you risk ruining the blade. That type is only good for knives with both edges sharpened. For maintenance purposes and to ensure that your sushi knife set stays as sharp, accurate, and clean as it should be, always make a purchase with a sharpening stone.

The key to getting the perfect sushi knife set is thorough research. Here is a set of criteria that you can use in shopping a set of cutlery that will help you create sushi the right way.

Take note of the material. The best tools are made from the best materials. You should choose a sushi knife set that is made from high carbon steel which is the same kind of material that is used to produce samurai swords since the 16th Century.

If the blades made from high carbon steel is good enough for the battlefield then it is good enough for the kitchen. Knives made from high quality materials are sure to last for a long time.

Just a short bit of trivia. Do you know that sushi knives are sharpened only on one side? This is done to provide a cleaner cut to the fish and other ingredients inside a sushi.

The set should include different kinds of knives. In making different kinds of sushi, different kinds of knives are also used. There is a knife specifically designed for tuna and then there is one that is designed for puffer fish.

A sushi knife set, therefore, should be complete if you want to have the versatility to make different kinds of sushi. One of the most versatile knife that any set should have is the sashimi knife which also known as an all-purpose knife.

Should come with a decent price. Though price should not really be your basis of quality, you should be suspicious of sets that are priced very low.

You cannot expect a $30 set to compare well with a set that cost several hundreds of dollars. Cheap knives are not as sharp and as strong as more expensive knives. If you do not have the budget to buy an expensive set, then get one that is priced st the middle of the price range.

Get a sharpening stone. It is important to include in here a section on how to sharpen sushi knives. This kind of knives have only one sharpened edge instead of two.

This is the reason why you should never use a mechanical sharpener with these knives or else, you may ruin their blades. To maintain the sharpness of the knives in a sushi knife set, get a sharpening stone. Better yet, get a set that comes with its own stone.
There are things that you can do to make sure that you get nothing but the best sushi knife set. Just follow the tips below and you will be able to protect yourself from being led to buying low quality knives.

Do not fall into the bargain trap. Many companies and marketers are aware that people nowadays are looking for bargains and good deals and this is why many of them will try to lure buyers by offering bargains and items at very low prices.

There are companies out there that are offering sushi knives for as low as $25 per set. While this may seem like a good buy because of the price, you may actually end up spending more if you will bite into these bargains.

Many of these knives are not meant to last for a long time. Their performance are also not that good so you will probably end up buying another set after a few weeks or months. The better way to save money is to buy a high quality knife set that will last for years.

You won’t get into that same rut if you follow these surprisingly simple steps outlined below.

1. Buy from a reputable dealer. It’s best if it’s a Japanese manufacturer as you are assured of high quality materials, but basically you can get that as well if you shop from a trusted source or have already a researched brand that you’ve tested and proven.

If you want a hassle free time, avoid merchants that you haven’t even heard of, or seem to be unprofessional based from their website – even if they’re selling at rock bottom prices. Which brings us to the next step…

2. Be cautious about low-end bargains. Sushi knife sets come in different prices (roughly anywhere between $25 to $1,000) and for good reason. You get what you pay for.

The ones that are in the lower end of the price list often have poor quality, rarely hold their edge, and are not as sharp as you expect.

Looking for a great bargain with these kind of prices is the same as finding a needle in a haystack. It is time consuming, you have no guarantees, and it leaves you all stressed out.

And if the difference is just a couple of hundred dollars and the trade-off is the result of your culinary masterpiece, stop and think for awhile and you’ll know that it’s not worth it. Some of the better sushi knife sets are commonly priced between $300 to $700.

To avoid stressing your brain and wallet out, select a price point where you are most comfortable. Then go for it.

3. Don’t forget the sharpening stone! If you are familiar with sushi knives, you know that most are only sharpened on one side, for providing a cleaner cut. That’s why there are also right-handed and left-handed sets which you need to be aware of.