best knife for cutting sushiFinding the best knife for cutting sushi can become a headache for once why? Because there are available so many types of knives termed as sushi knives that for a layman or a normal kitchen user could become pretty confusing to decide what actually can be termed as the best sushi knife. Let’s find out first what actually is a sushi knife.

There are several steps in making a sushi where the knife has to work i.e. making sushi rolls, cutting of vegetables and fish and a sushi knife is basically used during all these steps, not to be confused with sashimi knife which is specific to cutting fish.

Things to consider when choosing the best knife for cutting sushi

Sushi knives are most of the times made of high carbon steel which is not stainless steel which means they could get rusted easily but on the other hand have very sharp edges. All the best sushi knives are honed on one side only i.e. the right side that is the traditional method, unlike the American style where both sides are honed.

The reason of honing/sharpening of only one side of the knives is that it produces a much sharper cut, which is impossible to create in a western styled knife which is honed on both sides.
Now coming back to the real question what is the best sushi knife? If you ask me I would suggest Yanagiba, which is considered to be one of the best knife for cutting sushi. You can find the one of the best here.

A good quality sushi knife would cost you around a 100$s on the low and out of the three major types of sushi knives i.e Yanagiba, Cuba, Deba Yanagiba is recommended to be acquired first for your kitchen as this would enable you to make extremely delicate sashimi cuts and will also be able to slice elegantly, swiftly and cleanly through your Maki rolls. This actually is the knife which your current chef’s knife in the kitchen will have most difficulty duplicating in ability.

The utilities of Usuba and Deba can be replicated by a standard chef’s knife more easily but when you decide to go for the above I would recommend going for Usuba. The Usuba is going to help you immensely in slicing razor thin vegetable slices for Katsuomuki also making all your slicing and chopping more fun by a few degrees.

The best professional grade sushi knives will cost you in 1000s of dollars, therefore, the best sushi knives to be used in your kitchen would fall in the range of 100 to 200$s as for brands you will find many just make sure you buy from a patent established a brand to get the best sushi knife.

At the end I would suggest you take good care of your sushi knives and they will keep on delivering you with cutting and slicing pleasure just make sure not to keep your sushi knives with other utensils never use a dishwasher to clean them up, never leave them in the sink and lastly sharpen them up regularly for long life.