The Best Japanese Knife Under 100

Have you probably wanted to prepare sushi but having difficulties in purchasing a sushi knife since they are expensive?
Or have you been trying to prepare sushi and have been failing to cut it because the blades of the knife you are using either make the sushi stick or fail to cut it cleanly? If yes, you are in the right place! We are here to help you find the best knife for cutting sushi that will be affordable.

Having a good sushi knife is crucial if you want to cut sushi. A proper knife could be the difference between an enjoyable cooking experience and an experience that is unpleasant. Many experts recommend purchasing the best knife you can afford something which might be confusing.

Most sushi knives are quite expensive thus finding a cheaper one with excellent quality is difficult. Sushi knives are expensive considering their qualities. They are crafted with high-carbon steel, which provides the blade a superior edge.

Sushi knives are also created with a single angle bevel which makes one side of the edge sharp and the other flat. This ensures a straight cut on the sushi thus avoiding ruining the angle for which you cut your sushi.

So then which is the best Japanese knife under 100 dollars that is suitable for cutting sushi?

The answer is Narihira Fujitora Long Chef Knife. This sushi knife is double-beveled. With this knife, you will be sure to slice through your sushi without any problems. Narihira has a great blade with an excellent sharpness that lasts.

In addition to that, the durability and stability of the Narihira knife is balanced from the three stainless steel pins and the full tang design which add extra strength to the handle. This makes it the best Japanese knife under 100 dollars.

No one loves a loose knife even sushi chefs. Therefore having a Narihira knife will be a good idea considering it is tight!

The sharpness of this knife is pretty good considering it goes for less than 100 dollars. The blade of the knife is crafted from high carbon steel. This will prevent your sushi from sticking to the blades.

This is very crucial since being a sushi chef primarily depends on your precision with your cuts.

Overall the Narihira is nicely designed. It is less expensive compared to the other sushi knives. So if you are looking for the best Japanese knife under 100 dollars perfect for sushi preparation then try Narihira Fujitora Long Chef Knife. It will get your job done perfectly!

So are you ready to prepare sushi?